Yoga & Acupuncture in Stress: Maintains Well Being

Use of Acupuncture in Stress generating situations to maintain well being is well documented. A combination of Breathing Exercises (Pranayam, Tai Chi), Yoga and Acupuncture in stress helps the person to tackle the situation in a more positive way. NADA Acupuncture is a famous protocol Developed by Dr.Michael Smith MD in New York Bronx somewhere in mid 70s. Today this protocol is used in all 50 states of America and 22 Countries for de-addiction , well being and to handle stress in marital , educational and day to day situations

Acupuncture in Stress management
Acupuncture helps to de stress, and improves sleep

Ear Acupuncture, Body Acupuncture combats stress , helps to improve sleep quality . Yoga and Breathing exercises are also helpful.

Acupuncture in Stress & Addiction

NADA Acupuncture is successfully used since 1975 in different set-up in America, East London , Tihar Jail in New Delhi , but at that time more focus was on Addiction. though later it was observed that inability to handle stress is the biggest cause of any type of addiction, and NADA Acupuncture helps to calm the mind , so person was better positioned to handle stress and leave addiction.