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Dr. Sinha Medical Acupuncture Delhi provides best acupuncture in Delhi and Ghaziabad for last four decades. Today the biggest team of best acupuncture doctors in India. Dr. Sinha Medical Acupuncture Delhi NCR is oldest and most reputed Acupuncture centre in Delhi NCR running continuously for four decades , it has a track record of helping hundreds of thousands of patients from all over the world with chronic and painful diseases . This centre has done exempellary work in field of Neuro Rehabilation in various cases of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) , Post Stroke complications,Migraine Poliomyelitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis AS ,ALS. This centre was founded by Dr.A.K.Sinha in late seventies after learning from international luminaries of Acupuncture such as Dr.Anton Jayasuriya ,Dr.Jayaweera Bandara, Dr.T.C.Towliya, Dr.A.L.Agrawal and many more . His healing touch has helped his patients from world over to gain health and confidence for over four decades . Since 2002 Dr.Arindam Sinha MBBS (KGMU) MACP(USA) PGDACP MITBCCT (UK) DAc(Colombo) is managing acupuncture clinic in Delhi & Ghaziabad and looking after the patients and vast amount of research work. Take a look at proven success rate of acupuncture treatment.
Acupuncture in Back Pain
Acupuncture in Neuro Rehab
Acupuncture in Fertility
Dr Sinha Acupuncture Clinic provides personalized acupuncture treatment to every patient after making proper diagnosis using traditional as well as all modern diagnostic approaches
Acupuncture for Back Pain
Acupuncture for back pain , disc prolapse and sciatica is a proven modality. We have a track record of curing thousands of patients in last 40 years from their agony getting them back to work.
Acupuncture for Neck Pain
Acupuncture for neck pain , shoulder pain , cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder and radiculopathy is used in our clinic with excellent results
Acupuncture for Fertility
Acupuncture for fertility is done with good results for last 15 years at Sinha Medical Acupuncture Clinic Delhi.  Acupuncture assisted IVF improves egg quality, endometrial thickness and reduces rejection post implant
Acupuncture for Hearing Loss
Acupuncture for hearing loss (Sensori-Neural) SNHL is a very good modality for patients who are suffering from this due to old age, trauma, other neuropathies or Meniere's Disease
Acupuncture for Eyes
Acupuncture for eye problems like optic nerve atrophy, diplopia, ptosis, squint and macular degeneration is highly effective mode of treatment.
Acupuncture for Regeneration
Acupuncture for regeneration works very successfully in cases of knee pain due to arthritis, post stroke rehabilitation, facial palsy, MNDs , AVN and neuropathies.

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Biggest Team of Best Acupuncture Doctors in one Organisation
Dr. Arindam Sinha
Dr. Arindam Sinha


Dr. Rajeev Srivastav
Dr. Rajeev Srivastav


Dr. Chumkai Dey
Dr. Chumkai Dey


Dr. Gargi Sinha
Dr. Gargi Sinha


    Dr. Neelotpal Das
    Dr. Neelotpal Das


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      Dr. Sinha Acupuncture

      Dr. Sinha Acupuncture Clinic Delhi Kalkaji started 40 years ago as Sinha Acupuncture Centre Ghaziabad. We are having five active acupuncture clinic in India along with our research partners in Perth , Western Australia. Dr.A.K.Sinha started acupuncture clinic in Delhi & Ghaziabad with the name Sinha Acupuncture Centre, which was changed in 2007 to Sinha Acupuncture Research Centre with inclusion of Dr.Arindam Sinha  , Dr. Gargi Sinha , Dr. Nilotpal Das, Dr. Chumkai Dey Sinha. In 2011 Dr. Rajeev R. Srivastav and Dr. Vartika Shukla joined the team making it the biggest Medical Acupuncture Clinic in Delhi and Ghaziabad when it was re-named Sinha Medical Acupuncture Research and Training Centre. A need was felt to make a team for practice, propagation and training of  acupuncture. Scientific aspects of acupuncture are not properly propagated in last few decades creating confusion about its validity in minds of general public, this needs to change with proper research and incorporating the same in the practice of medical acupuncture by medically qualified doctors with proper scientific understanding of human body and diseases rather than trying to push all the diseases into pre-defined molds of past. #MedicalAcupuncture #AcupunctureClinicinDelhi #DrSinha #DrSinhaAcupuncture #BestAcupuncture