Sinha Medical Acupuncture Research & Training Centre is a leading clinic for acupuncture in Delhi and NCR , it is run by Dr.Arindam Sinha MBBS (KGMU Lucknow) MACP (USA) DAc.(Colombo) PGDACP (Delhi)  who under direct Patronage of Dr.A.K.Sinha DAc.(Swiss) FAcF (Sri Lanka) MAcF (India) who is practicing this ancient Chinese science for last 40 years , he has treated thousands of patients successfully. He is a specialist in treatment of SCIATICA , POLIOMYELITIS, ASTHMA , MIGRAINE , PARALYSIS , ARTHRITIS ,GOUT , CERVICAL SPONDYLYTIS ,  and cosmetic problems like   ACNE / Pimples and   Under Eye DARKENING.

If you are fed up with the tedious process and uncertain results of symptom based approach  to treat chronic diseases , you have come to right place . Here all your queries about your disease and acupuncture will be answered to your satisfaction.

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Our Story

The history of inception of this Team  goes back to late 70’s when Dr.A.K.Sinha started acupuncture clinic in Delhi & Ghaziabad with the name Sinha Acupuncture Centre, which was changed in 2007 to Sinha Acupuncture Research Centre with inclusion of Dr.Arindam Sinha  , Dr. Gargi Sinha , Dr. Nilotpal Das, Dr. Chumkai Dey Sinha. In 2011 Dr. Rajeev R. Srivastav and Dr. Vartika Shukla joined the team making it the biggest Medical Acupuncture Clinic in Delhi and Ghaziabad when it was re-named Sinha Medical Acupuncture Research and Training Centre.

This center popularized Acupuncture among the masses  with ground breaking results in a time when the name Acupuncture was unknown to many. Today fourth generation patients visit us with stories about the Great-Grand Parents being successfully treated here in late seventies or early eighties.

Meet the Team

So much changed in last four decades, today we are the biggest team of Acupuncture Doctors in India

Dr. A. K. Sinha

Founder & Patron 

Founder and Patron of Sinha Medical Acupuncture and Arvindam Acupuncture , tirelessly working for more than forty years to popularise acupuncture among masses, an inspiration for a whole generation of medical Acupuncturists.

Dr. A. K. Sinha Delhi


Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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